The Emperor's New Clothes

The Emperor's New Clothes Part IV
The emperor was embarrassed when he realized he was wearing nothing but his underwear.
The emperor was embarrassed when he realized he was wearing nothing but his underwear.
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Below is the fourth part of "The Emperor's New Clothes."

Everyone in the empire was excited about the parade. They had long grown bored with the stories of the emperor's clothes. But what interested them now was the new, magical fabric. They had heard that fools could not see it, and they wanted to find out who amongst them was a fool.

On the day of the parade, everyone pushed and shoved to get the best view. At the sound of the royal trumpets, the crowd pressed forward excitedly. But when the emperor appeared, the crowd was shocked. The emperor was in nothing but his royal underwear!

Nobody in the crowd could see the emperor's suit, but of course no one would admit it. Nobody wanted to look like a fool. Instead they offered praise.

"How handsome you look, Your Majesty. That certainly is a splendid suit," said one of the villagers.

"I never knew any fabric could look so wonderful," added another spectator.

The emperor was delighted to hear such words of praise. Even though he could not see the fabric, he was now convinced there was no better in all the land.

Suddenly a young boy cried out over the noisy crowd. "The emperor is not

wearing a new suit!" he said. "What is everybody talking about? The emperor is wearing nothing but his underwear!"

The emperor quickly turned to look at the crowd. They stood in stunned silence. Instantly the emperor knew the boy was telling the truth. He realized that he had been a fool, and now he was parading himself throughout the kingdom in his royal underwear.

All at once, everyone in the crowd began to laugh. They had all been foolish,

too. They pretended to see a suit that was not even there, because they were afraid of what others would think.

After the parade, the embarrassed emperor quickly returned to the palace to put on some clothes. He ignored all his fancy and frilly clothes and chose to put on a simple blue robe with plain yellow buttons. "Ah, that's better," he said. For the first time, the emperor left his room without looking in the mirror.

Then he invited the honest young boy to speak with him in his court. "I have decided to make you a junior minister," said the emperor. "You have shown that you are very brave because you told the truth when no one else would!"

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