The Emperor's New Clothes

The Emperor's New Clothes Part II
The thief smiled as he took the king's measurements.
The thief smiled as he took the king's measurements.
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Below is the second part of "The Emperor's New Clothes."

The emperor asked his wife what she thought of the magical fabric. She squinted, too. She could not see anything. She did not want anyone to think she was a fool, so she said, "It is quite extraordinary. It is like no other ­fabric that I know."

The two thieves nodded in agreement. Knowing that his wife was no fool, the ­emperor thought the fabric must be real, even though he could not see it. "I will offer you twenty pieces of gold to make me a new suit with this magical fabric," the emperor said to the thieves.

The thieves were delighted. They thanked the emperor and went to work right away. They requested permission to measure the emperor for the special suit. "This suit will feel as light as a spiderweb against your skin," one thief said as he measured the top of the emperor's head. "It will even feel as gentle as a breeze in the warm summertime."

The other thief then added, "You might even feel as though you are wearing

nothing at all."

"I can't wait to wear my new suit," said the emperor excitedly. "It really sounds like the most wonderful fabric! No one else in all the world will have a suit as magnificent as mine. Please work quickly. I want my suit as soon as possible."

The thieves smiled slyly and winked at each other behind the emperor's back. They finished taking his measurements.

After a few days, the royal minister went to see how the new suit was coming along. He wanted to make sure the tailors were working as quickly as possible. The emperor became more anxious for his new suit with each passing day. The minister was stunned by what he did not see. The tailors were cutting away at the air with their scissors and stitching up fabric that was not there!

"I cannot see any fabric! Could it be that I am a fool?" the minister gulped.

Seeing the minister, one of the thieves said, "Please tell the emperor that his suit will be ready soon. Don't you think this material is beautiful?"

The thief held out his arms and pretended to admire the fabric. "Oh, yes," said the minister, nodding his head. He did not want to look like a fool.

"But first," said the thief, "please order another tray of food for us. All this hard work makes us hungry." He continued to snip away at the invisible fabric.

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