The Elves and the Shoemaker

The Elves and the Shoemaker Part III
The elves were thrilled when they saw their new clothes.
The elves were thrilled when they saw their new clothes.
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Below you'll find part III of the story of the elves and the shoemaker:

The elves appeared in the shoemaker's house at midnight. They climbed up on the workbench then stopped in their tracks. What was this? Where were the pieces of leather and the tools?

The elves were amazed when they saw the clothes. At once they put on the fine new suits. They were so excited they began to sing:

These fine clothes fit us perfectly!

Who'd be so kind? We wish we knew!

We'd like to give our thanks to you!

The shoemaker and his wife were so pleased they could hardly keep themselves from cheering!

Weeks passed, and the shoemaker's shop was always filled with people. He still offered the finest shoes in the land, and people from all around wanted a pair. He and his wife were very comfortable.

One thing had changed, though. The elves had not come back since the night they received their new suits of clothes. The shoemaker and his wife did not mind.

The shoemaker enjoyed his work and was happy to be back at his workbench. He and his wife were glad that they could help the elves who had worked so hard and had been so nice to them.

After they received their clothes, the elves moved on to help someone else, and the shoemaker was happy to go back to work.
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In the evenings, while the shoemaker cut leather at his bench and his wife baked bread, they thought about the two elves. Because of their kindness and hard work the shoemaker and his wife lived happily. Their cupboards were always filled, and their house was always warm.

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