The Drum Song

The Drum Song Part II
©2007 Publications International, Ltd.                              Kuma played while the dancers followed him.
©2007 Publications International, Ltd. Kuma played while the dancers followed him.
2007 Publications International, Ltd.

Below is the second half of "The Drum Song."

"How much?" Kuma yelled to the seller.

"Six pennies today!" the man shouted.

Kuma was saddened. "I only have two," he said.

"No, six!" the salesman shouted. Kuma sadly kept playing. The salesman watched for a long time. "You play very well," he said to the boy. "Give me the two pennies."

Kuma's face lit up. He quickly closed the deal and started home. He forgot the dancers and the peas. The boy just played until he heard the shoppers following him and dancing. "Oh no!" Kuma said, as he remembered the peas. "I've disobeyed my mother. I broke the promise to my father. What should I do?"

"Keep playing!" several dancers shouted. "We love the drum song!"

Be-bong, bong! Kuma kept playing as he slowly walked home to beg forgiveness. Kuma's mother heard the crowd outside the house. "Where are the peas?" she asked as Kuma played the drum and the people danced.

"I'm sorry," Kuma said. "I forgot and spent the money on this drum. I know it was wrong, but I loved the sound."

Suddenly, Kuma's father and brothers stepped out of the crowd. "What is going on?" asked Kuma's father.

"Oh Father, I'm sorry," said Kuma as he continued to play. "I went to the market and spent the food money on this drum."

Kuma's father said, "The song is beautiful, but what will we eat?"

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. They had a feast, and everyone ate and danced.
2007 Publications International, Ltd.

"I'll share my vegetables," said a dancer. Another one offered a pig. Others gave bread and other foods. The family and their new friends had a feast. Everyone ate and danced.

"You've done well, young man," Kuma's mother and father said to Kuma as the crowd left. "Very well done!"

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