The Coming of Night

The Coming of Night Part II
They opened the bag, and out came the night spirits.
They opened the bag, and out came the night spirits.
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Below is the second part of "The Coming of Night."

"Let's open it," said Crocodile. They used their teeth to untie the knot, then . . .

WHOOSH, CRICKETY-CRICK! Out hopped the night insects, all of the spiders and crickets.

WHOOSH, WHOOO, CHIRP! Out flew the night birds, all of the owls and nightingales.

WHOOSH, GRRRRR, ROARRR! Out rushed the night animals, all of the lions and leopards. Night so terrified Hippopotamus and Crocodile that they jumped in the water and swam away.

Aje had been waiting nearby. When she heard the noises, she knew just what to do. She closed her eyes, raised her hands, and hummed a soothing lullaby.

At once, the Night spirits hushed, and all was peaceful across the land.

The insects scattered throughout the bush. The stars twinkled while the moonbeams glowed. The night birds nestled in the trees, and the night animals rested in the grass. A cool breeze blew in the night air. Aje had restored calm.

Then she gave directions to balance Night and Day.

Aje smiled and soon fell fast asleep. Now that Night had arrived, Aje could at last be comfortable in her new home. Oduduwa was pleased that his wife was truly happy and had helped to bring the wonderful Night to Earth.

The people of Earth were happy with Night as well, and they welcomed the darkness, calm breezes, and mysterious sounds of the night creatures.

The next day, Aje decided to bring order to the land so there would always be a daytime and a nighttime.

Aje named the sun Morningstar and said, "Your job is to rise and begin the day."

Aje told the rooster to crow when dawn is near.
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She told the rooster, "You are the guardian of Night, and you shall crow to tell us when dawn is near." Aje also instructed the other birds to chirp sweetly at daybreak to help awaken all of the people.

And ever since then, the sun, rooster, and birds announce each new day, but only after the night has passed and all have had a restful sleep.

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