The Brave Little Tailor

The Brave Little Tailor Part III
The tailor tricked the two giants into fighting each other.
The tailor tricked the two giants into fighting each other.
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Below are more of the brave little tailor's adventures:

"I need you to kill two giants that live in my woods. If you do, I will give you my daughter and half my kingdom as a reward," the king told the tailor.

The tailor knew this was his chance to become a hero.

The next morning, the tailor rode off to find the giants with one hundred soldiers behind him and a brilliant plan. "Stay behind until I call you," he told the soldiers at the edge of the woods.

The tailor found the two giants asleep under a tree. He climbed the tree and began dropping acorns on one giant's head. The giant awoke and turned to his friend. "Why did you wake me by thumping my head?" roared the giant.

Before his friend could answer, the angry giant threw an acorn at him. The two giants fought each other until both fell dead.

The tailor called the king's soldiers to see what he had done. They were amazed. The new soldier had not even a scratch!

"Two giants are easy. Try seven in one blow," said the tailor.

The king heard about the tailor's great feat, but didn't want to give up his daughter and half his riches -- yet. He ordered him to catch a unicorn that was scaring the villagers.

The tailor agreed to go, but only if he could go alone. The king agreed. So, off to the woods the tailor went looking for the unicorn.

Suddenly, the tailor turned to see the unicorn running straight for him. He stood perfectly still. Just as the unicorn reached him, the tailor jumped out of the way. He had been standing in front of a tree. The unicorn's horn stuck fast into the tree's hard wood.

The tailor freed the unicorn and rode it back to the palace in a cloud of dust. Again the king was amazed to see the tailor.

After he freed the unicorn, the tailor rode it into town.
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The king had no choice but to keep his promise. He could not prove that the man who married his daughter and took half his kingdom was nothing but a hero.

The tailor almost gave up his secret one night, though. While he was sleeping, his new wife heard him say: "This new fabric will make a fine waistcoat."

The princess leapt out of bed and hid behind a curtain, hoping her husband would reveal more of his true identity.

The tailor's wife tried to learn more about him while he slept.
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But the clever tailor, awakened by his wife's movement, quickly realized what he had said in his sleep. "I mean, a prince and a man who can kill seven with one blow should have the finest waistcoat around. Right?"

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