The Brave Little Tailor

The Brave Little Tailor Part II
The tailor released the bird, and it never returned.
The tailor released the bird, and it never returned.
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Here is part II of the story of the brave little tailor:

The giant raised his eyebrows. "Well, can you do this?" he asked. He picked up another stone and tossed it high into the air. It flew almost out of sight.

"Watch this," the tailor said as he took something from his pocket. It was the bird, of course. With a toss of his hand, the tailor sent the little bird flying. Pretty soon the bird was out of sight. In fact, it never came down!

This did not convince the giant, though. He was a poor loser. "If you are so strong, help me carry this tree," the giant ordered.

Once again, the tailor knew he was not as strong as the giant. He quickly came up with an idea. The tailor walked to the leafy end of the fallen oak.

"I will carry the branches," he said. "I wouldn't want them to scratch you. Besides, it is no trouble for one who can kill seven at one blow."

The giant lifted the tree trunk onto his shoulder. He could not see the tailor at the other end. The tailor knew this. He hopped into the branches and let the giant do all the work.

The clever tailor offered to carry the branches of the tree.
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When the giant stopped to rest, the tailor jumped out and pretended to be carrying the leafy end of the tree. When the giant looked back at the tailor, he saw that he was not even tired!

"Perhaps you would like to come home with me and meet my friends," the giant said with an evil gleam in his eye.

"Certainly," the clever tailor replied.

The giant took the tailor to his cave. A group of giants sat around a roaring fire. They watched as their friend lead the little man into the cave.

"You can sleep here," said the giant pointing to a giant-size bed. "Even a man who can kill seven in one blow needs to rest!"

The tailor was not used to sleeping in such a big bed. So he slept in a corner instead. It was good for him that he did. During the night, the giants pounded on the bed with clubs, until they thought they had taken care of the pesky tailor.

In the morning, the giants went swimming in the river. They joked about the strange man and his silly belt. When the tailor walked up whistling a merry tune, the giants were so afraid, they ran away without their clothes!

The giants were afraid when they heard the tailor whistling.
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The tailor laughed and left the giants behind. He walked very far and then lay down for a nap.

As the tailor slept, some people found him and read his belt. They thought he was a mighty soldier and took him to meet their king. The king was impressed and hired him for his army. He also gave him a bag full of gold.

But the other soldiers were angry at this new soldier.

"This is not fair!" they told the king. "We will leave your army if we don't get a bag full of gold, too."

The king could not lose his whole army. He decided to get rid of his new soldier. He went to the little man with a challenge.

See how the brave little tailor handled this challenge on the next page.

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