The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Part II
The boy thought it would be funny to fool the villagers.
The boy thought it would be funny to fool the villagers.
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Here is the second part of the children's story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf":

As the sheep ate the grass, the shepherd boy cupped his hand near his mouth and shouted, "Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is stealing the sheep! Come help me!"

All the village people stopped what they were doing and ran to help scare off the wolf. When they got there, they were very confused.

The villagers did not find a wolf. And where was the shepherd? They were worried about him. What if the wolf had stolen the boy? They frantically began to search high and low to find him.

When the villagers arrived, they didn't see a wolf, but they also didn't see the shepherd.
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A villager pointed to a tree and said, "There he is over there. Is he okay?" They saw he was not hurt. In fact, he was laughing!

"You looked so funny running up here for no reason. This was a great joke," laughed the boy.

The villagers did not laugh. They had been very scared for the boy and the sheep. They did not feel like laughing at all. They shook their heads and said, "We have to get back to work now. We don't have time for pranks."

The shepherd boy hardly heard a word they said. He was laughing too hard.

At breakfast the next day, the boy's mother and father told him to be good. He nodded his head and left to tend the sheep.

Soon, however, he was bored again. "Wolf! Wolf!" he shouted, louder than the day before. "A wolf is stealing the sheep! Come help me!"

Again the villagers came running. Again there was no wolf in sight. This time the village people were very upset. They told the boy, "If you don't tell people the truth all the time, they will never know when to believe you."

The villagers tried to tell the shepherd his jokes were not funny.
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The boy was still laughing at his joke. After the villagers went back to their jobs, however, he started to think about what the people had said. "Maybe," he thought, "it isn't so funny to play tricks on others."

The shepherd boy began walking back to his lookout post. Little did he know he was soon going to have all the excitement he could handle.

A sly wolf had been watching the shepherd as he played his jokes.
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Just on the other side of the trees, a sly wolf had seen everything. When the shepherd reached his post, the wolf began stealing the sheep.

The shepherd couldn't believe his eyes. It was a real wolf! He cried out, "Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is stealing the sheep! Come help me!"

He waited for the villagers to come running, but no one came. They weren't going to fall for that trick again! This time, though, it was no trick.

The wolf laughed as he chased the sheep away from the shepherd.
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The boy tried yelling for help again, but no one came. He could only watch as the wolf ran off into the forest with all the sheep. This time the only one laughing was the wolf.

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