That Mule Won't Work

That Mule Won't Work Part II
"I said I'm NOT doing any work today."
"I said I'm NOT doing any work today."
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Below is the second part of "That Mule Won't Work."

The boy was a little scared, but he took a deep breath and walked back to the barn. Then he looked the mule straight between his eyes and said in his biggest, strongest voice, "My granddad said you WILL do your work today."

Well, the old mule did not like that one bit. He shook his head and stamped his hooves. Dust flew everywhere, even in the boy's hair.

"You go up there," said the mule, "and tell your granddad that I said I'm NOT doing any work today! And that's it!"

The boy ran back home. When he saw his grandfather, he told him, "That mule said to tell you he's NOT doing any work today."

The grandfather figured the boy just didn't want to work. He turned to the boy and said, "Oh yeah? That does it. I'm going to tell him myself!"

The grandfather angrily picked up his cane and started down the old dirt road to the barn. The boy and their dog followed close behind.

The old man walked straight over to the mule. "Now you listen up, mule. If I say you're going to plow today, that's just what you're going to do!"

The mule snorted, kicked his leg back, and plain as day, he replied, "And I say I'm NOT going to plow today!"

The grandfather jumped back and let out a holler.
©2007 Publications International, Ltd.

The grandfather jumped back and let out a holler. Then he, the boy, and the dog ran all the way to the chopping stump before they slumped to the ground in a huff.

"I can't believe it," said the grandfather. "Who ever heard of a talking mule?"

"Not me," said the boy.

"I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes," said the dog.

"I never heard of such a mess!" said the ax.

"I know that's right," said the woodpile.

"You're all losing it," said the stump.

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