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(November 17, 2006) - On the fourth Thursday of November, Americans around the country will honor and celebrate the kickoff of the holiday season, Thanksgiving. To answer all the questions about Thanksgiving, and to give new ideas and recipes for preparing the big dinner, award winning website has prepared a comprehensive guide for everything associated with the holiday.

On's guide to Thanksgiving, readers are not only given recipes for dinner but even provided with some helpful tips to make dinner a success. The recipes on the site are divided into six sections that cover everything needed for the perfect feast including main and side dishes, appetizers, soup and stews, desserts, and recipes for those Thanksgiving leftovers. The six sections are broken up into three categories, easy, traditional, and healthy for all levels and styles of cooking.

To make sure this Thanksgiving is completely stress free, has tips on selecting the perfect wine, choosing a turkey, picking the right cookware, and cleaning up the mess after it's done. The wine guide gives basic tips, explains how wine is made and even how to host a tasting. The recipe guide presents reviews to the best cookware and gives turkey tips to make sure your bird is cooked to perfection. Finally, when the meal is over and the are guests gone, helps the clean up by explaining techniques of removing stains of wine and gravy as well as how clean cookware and dishes.

Thanksgiving is not all about a feast though; also covers the history of the holiday with the article "How Thanksgiving Works." The feature explains the origins and background of the holiday, describes traditions, and gives insight to the biggest Thanksgiving symbols.

Sections of interesting facts that are associated with Thanksgiving are also thrown in the mix as well. The sections include:

  • Thanksgiving In Space
  • Myths About Pilgrims
  • Turkey Facts
  • Thanksgiving Stats

Sections like "Thanksgiving in Space," explain how the first meal eaten on the moon was turkey and other Thanksgiving side dishes. In the "Turkey Facts" section, readers learn that turkeys have great hearing, but no external ears.

"How Thanksgiving Works" provides links to other related Thanksgiving articles on and other holidays including Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Cinco De Mayo.


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