Stone Soup

Stone Soup Part III
Finally out of their houses, the villagers began to have fun.
Finally out of their houses, the villagers began to have fun.
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Here is the conclusion to the "Stone Soup" children's story:

Finally the traveler announced that the stone soup was ready to eat. He filled all the bowls, and the villagers began to eat. Afterward there was plenty of soup left over. "There's enough to spare and share!" said the young lady.

The villagers were so happy after dinner that they didn't want the evening to end. They started playing music together and dancing with one another. At last the village was alive with chatter and laughter.

"I didn't know you could play the banjo," the maid said to the big villager.

"And I didn't know you could play the washboard," he responded.

"I think there was a lot we didn't know until the traveler came along," said the maid.

The next morning, the traveler said good-bye to his new friends in the village. It was time for him to leave. "I want you to have this," the traveler said as he handed the smooth, oval stone to the villagers. "Now you will always be able to make stone soup together, and you will never be hungry or sad or grumpy again."

When the traveler said goodbye, he left his stone for the villagers to use.
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Each of the villagers hugged the traveler and told him to come back and visit some time. They were all very grateful and hoped to see the traveler again.

As the traveler headed out of the lovely little village, he stumbled over another stone in the road. He picked it up at once and admired its dark, jagged edges. The traveler looked at the stone carefully and finally decided to keep it. "You never know when a stone like this might come in handy," he said to himself as he placed it in his bag.

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