Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Part VI

Snow White took a bite of the apple.
Snow White took a bite of the apple.
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Below is the sixth part of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves."

The Queen plucked the poisoned apple from the top of the stack. She cut it carefully down the middle and ate the unpoisoned half herself.

"You see?" she said. "There is nothing dangerous about an apple. I will give you the other half of this one, and if you like it, perhaps you will want to buy the rest from me."

"I would like to," said Snow White. "But I cannot. I cannot let anyone in, and I cannot come out."

"Of course you cannot," said the Queen. "But you can open the window a tiny bit, and I will hand the apple through."

"Well, you did eat half yourself," Snow White said. "I suppose it is safe to let you in then. But forgive me, I will only eat the remaining half.

"Of course, my dear," said the Queen, "it is wise to be safe!"

But as soon as Snow White took a bite, the apple began burning her tongue. Snow White choked and collapsed to the floor.

This time the dwarves could not revive her. They built a glass case and placed Snow White inside to keep her safe. They set the case outside the cottage and guarded her night and day.

The dwarves placed Snow White in a glass case. The dwarves placed Snow White in a glass case.
The dwarves placed Snow White in a glass case.
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When the Queen arrived back at the castle, she gazed a long time into her mirror. "Let's see if we can do this quickly, shall we?" asked the Queen. "Mirror, mirror, true and wise, who's the most beautiful in your eyes?"

"You are, my Queen," the mirror said sadly.

"That is exactly what I thought," said the Queen.

Days later, a handsome Prince rode through the forest. He saw the lovely Snow White lying in the case and reined in his horse. "She is beautiful," he said. "Who is this woman? I would very much like to marry her."

"You cannot," said the dwarves sadly. "This is Snow White. We tried and tried, but she will not wake up."

"I only have one choice then. I will take her to my castle and wait," said the Prince. "When she awakens, I will ask her to be my wife."

The dwarves gave the Prince a cart, and he hitched it behind his horse. But as he carried the glass case to the cart, the case jostled. The bit of poisoned apple popped from her mouth. Suddenly, Snow White's eyes fluttered open.

"She is awake!" said the Prince.

"She is alive!" cheered the dwarves.

Snow White smiled at the Prince. "Thank you," she said, hugging each dwarf again.

Snow White agreed to marry the Prince. He took her to his castle, and Snow White invited everyone in her kingdom to their wedding. When her father saw Snow White, he wept with joy. "I thought you were gone forever, dear child."

When the Queen saw Snow White, she shrieked in horror. Snow White's father stared at the Queen. Everyone from Snow White's kingdom stared at the Queen. The Queen knew that she would never be forgiven.

Snow White and the prince were married. Snow White and the prince were married.
Snow White and the prince were married.
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That very day, Snow White and the Prince were married. The dwarves danced with joy and the couple lived very happily in their kingdom. The Queen could never bear to look in her mirror again.