Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Part V

Below is the fifth part of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves."

Snow White's eyes fluttered open. "Friends, I am so happy you found me in time," Snow White said. The color was coming back to her cheeks. She hugged each dwarf.

Back at the castle, the Queen was also satisfied with herself. She slowly walked up to her beloved mirror. She gazed at her lovely hair and then

said, "Mirror, mirror, true and wise, who's the most beautiful in your eyes?"

The mirror hesitated before speaking. "My Queen, you are lovely indeed."

"Mirror!" the Queen spat, "answer the question."

"Perhaps, my Queen, you should ask some other mirror's opinion?"

The Queen began to lose her patience. "I will break you into a thousand

pieces if you do not answer this minute. Am I the most beautiful?" the Queen

asked as she glared into the mirror.

"Please, my Queen, would you rephrase the question?" the mirror quivered.

"For the last time," the Queen was furious now. "Mirror, mirror, true and wise, who's the most beautiful in your eyes?"

The mirror spoke quietly, "You are lovely, my Queen, it is true, but Snow White is more beautiful than even you."

The Queen closed her eyes. "Still?" she asked impatiently. "Are you saying that Snow White still lives?"

"It is true," said the faithful mirror, "Snow White still lives with the dwarves."

"That does it!" the Queen said, her voice thundering through the palace. "Snow White will not live for long. I know something that will take care of her once and for all."

The Queen sent for the gardener to bring her the most beautiful apple in the orchard. She took the juicy red apple and poisoned the plumpest, shiniest half of it. She placed the poisoned apple on top of a basket full of apples not nearly as beautiful.The Queen disguised herself as a poor farmer woman and set off through the woods, carrying the basket of apples on her arm.

The Queen arrived at the cottage and again knocked on the door. But this time Snow White did not open it. She merely peeked from behind the curtains. The Queen held up her basket.

"Would you like an apple?" she called through the window.

"They look delicious," said Snow White, "but I cannot. An old seamstress came to the cottage two days ago and tried to smother me. A peddler came here yesterday and tried to poison me."

"As you can see," said the Queen, "I am not a seamstress or a peddler. I am simply a poor farmer woman who needs to sell apples to buy clothes for her children. But of course you must be careful. My apples are perfectly safe. Let me show you."

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