Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Part IV

The disguised queen ran the comb through Snow White's hair.
The disguised queen ran the comb through Snow White's hair.
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Below is the fourth part of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves."

When the dwarves came home, they found Snow White lying unconscious on the floor. "She is barely breathing!" said one dwarf.

"Loosen her dress so she can get air," said another. The dwarves untied the laces. Snow White took in a deep breath and opened her eyes.

"I am so happy you found me in time," she said hugging each dwarf.

"We're happy, too," they said in unison.

Back at the castle, the Queen was also happy. "Snow White is finally gone," she said. "I saw to it myself. Now no one else can be as lovely as I." She gazed into her mirror and asked again, "Mirror, mirror, true and wise, who's the most beautiful in your eyes?"

Once again the mirror was silent. "Speak!" demanded the Queen. "I asked you a simple question and I want an answer."

"I would prefer not to speak," the mirror said sheepishly.

"I did not ask you what you prefer!" the Queen thundered. "Do as you are told!"

So, the mirror spoke. "You are lovely, my Queen, it is true, but Snow White is more beautiful than even you. There, I said it."

"What?" shrieked the Queen. "Foolish mirror, you do not know what you are saying. Snow White is not alive. I took care of her myself." The Queen sighed and brushed her lovely hair.

"My Queen," the mirror said, "Snow White lives."

"She is still alive? Well, not for long," she whispered into the mirror.

The Queen needed a plan. Her last plan did not work. This time she would not spare Snow White. The Queen took her prettiest comb and filled the tips with poison. She disguised herself as a peddler and set off through the woods.

When the Queen arrived at the cottage, she knocked at the door. Snow White spoke to her from the window. "Can I help you?" asked Snow White.

The Queen saw that once more she was alone. "Fair, fair lady," the Queen said coughing, "I have combs in my bag." The Queen opened her peddler's bag and showed Snow White a beautiful comb.

"It is lovely!" Snow White gazed longingly at the comb. "But I can not let you in. An old seamstress came to the cottage yesterday and tried to harm me."

"As you can see," said the Queen, "I am a peddler, not a seamstress. But of course you must be careful. I do not need to come inside. Surely, you can try the comb out here."

"I apologize for being rude," Snow White said opening the door. "You have not seen an old seamstress have you?"

"I most certainly have not," the Queen said stepping inside. She took the comb and gently ran it through Snow White's hair. As soon as the poison touched her skin, Snow White collapsed to the ground.

The comb fell from Snow White's hair. The comb fell from Snow White's hair.
The comb fell from Snow White's hair.
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When the dwarves arrived home, they found Snow White lying, once again,

unconscious on the doorstep. "Let's carry her inside," said a dwarf. As they carried her inside, the comb fell from her hair.

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