Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Part III

The queen pulled the laces tight.
The queen pulled the laces tight.
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Below is the third part of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves."

Back at the castle, Snow White's stepmother was happy, too. "Now that the bothersome Snow White is gone," she said, "no one else can be as lovely as I."

She gazed into her mirror and brushed her beautiful hair. Smiling she asked again, "Mirror, mirror, true and wise, who's the most beautiful in your eyes?"

The mirror was quiet for a moment. The mirror pretended that it did not hear

the question.

"Mirror!" the Queen demanded. "Are you not listening? I said, mirror, mirror, true and wise, who's the most beautiful in your eyes?"

"You are lovely, my Queen, it is true," the mirror answered quietly, "but I am sorry to say, Snow White is more beautiful than even you."

"How dare you?" the Queen shrieked.

"My Queen, you are the second most beautiful of them all!"

"I do not wish to be the second most beautiful!" shouted the Queen. "Besides, you are wrong. Snow White is gone forever."

"No, my Queen," said the mirror, "Snow White lives."

"Excuse me?" the Queen's voice trembled. Her faced curled in anger.

"It is true, she does live. She lives with seven dwarves in a cottage in the woods."

"Seven dwarves? Oh, really?" said the Queen. "Well, not for long. She may have saved herself from the wild animals, but she will not save herself from me."

The Queen needed a plan. She disguised herself as a poor seamstress and set off through the woods. The Queen followed the same path Snow White had taken. Soon she arrived at the dwarves' cottage. She knocked at the door. When Snow White opened it, the Queen held up an armful of dresses.

"Would the lady of the house be interested in a new gown?" she asked.

"They are beautiful!" said Snow White. "I have not had a new dress in a long time."

"Today is your lucky day," said the Queen.

The dwarves were at work, and Snow White was alone, but she was not afraid of a poor old seamstress. She led the Queen into the cottage and chose a dress of soft silk.

"This is my favorite," she said.

"Try it on," said the Queen. "I'll help you lace it."

Snow White slipped the dress over her head, but when the Queen laced it, she pulled the laces so tight that Snow White could not breathe. Snow White gasped and collapsed to the floor.

"That should take care of you," said the Queen. She slipped off through the woods.

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