Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

The queen gazed into her magic mirror.
The queen gazed into her magic mirror.
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Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived a beautiful baby princess named Snow White. Her mother died when Snow White was born, and her lonely father soon remarried. Snow White was then raised by her vain and wicked stepmother, the Queen.

The Queen owned a magic mirror that always spoke the truth. Each day the Queen gazed into the mirror and asked, "Mirror, mirror, true and wise, who's the most beautiful in your eyes?"

And each day the mirror answered, "You are, my Queen."

The years went by, and Snow White grew up. The beautiful baby grew to be a beautiful young woman who was also helpful and kind. Her father loved her. Everyone in the kingdom loved her. Everyone, that is, except the Queen.

One day, when the Queen asked the mirror who was the most beautiful of all, the mirror replied, "You are lovely, my Queen, it is true. But Snow White is more beautiful than even you."

"What?" the Queen shrieked. "That sniveling girl? More beautiful than I? No! It can not possibly be true. Look again, foolish mirror! You speak lies."

"But it is true, my Queen," said the mirror.

"Well, not for long," said the Queen. She sent for the royal huntsman. "I have a little problem," she told the hunstman. "It is my darling stepdaughter,

Snow White."

"Oh, yes, Snow White," said the huntsman. "How can she be a problem? She is such a lovely girl."

"So I have been told," said the Queen. "But she is a problem to me. Take her deep into the darkest heart of the woods, so she will never find her way out, and leave her there."

"Leave her there?" said the huntsman. "Alone? But wild, hungry animals live deep in the woods."

"Exactly," said the Queen. "Make it look as if she wandered off by herself and got lost. Her father and everyone else in this kingdom adore that insipid girl. They must never find out I am the one who got rid of her. They would never

forgive me. If they do find out, you, my dear huntsman, will pay dearly."

The huntsman was terrified of the Queen, so he took Snow White into the woods, just as she had ordered. But, like everyone else in the kingdom, he loved Snow White. He could not leave her to the wild animals. Instead, he led her to a well traveled path.

The huntsman told Snow White to follow the path. The huntsman told Snow White to follow the path.
The huntsman told Snow White to follow the path.
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"Stay on this path," he told her. "You will come to a cottage. The people who live there are kind. They will take you in. But do not come back to the castle. Your stepmother is determined to be rid of you.

"Thank you," said Snow White. She set off down the path. It twisted through thick bushes and gnarled trees. The woods were so dark, Snow White could barely see the path. She heard rustling in the brush. A wolf howled in the distance.

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