Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Part IV
The prince kissed Sleeping Beauty's hand.
The prince kissed Sleeping Beauty's hand.
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Below is the fourth part of "Sleeping Beauty."

The prince continued up the great hall, finding more ­sleeping people with every step. "Wake up! Wake up!" he shouted through the hall, but it was no use. The entire castle was sound asleep!

Soon the prince came to the room where the princess lay in her deep sleep. "She is beautiful," he whispered in awe. "A sleeping beauty." The prince gazed at her restful face, so full of serenity, so ­peaceful, lovely, and pure.

Overcome with emotion, the prince stepped to the girl's bedside. He lifted her soft white hand and gently kissed it. At that kiss, the princess' eyes opened in a flash. Awakened from her long sleep, she looked at the prince sitting beside her with her wide eyes.

"It is you!" she said. "You have come to me at last! I was waiting for you in

my dream. A kind fairy told me you would come!"

At the same moment the princess awakened, so too did the queen and her

sleeping subjects. The queen ran to the princess' room.

"My daughter!" she said. "You have come back to me!" She looked at the prince. He was the man of pure heart, the one the fairy had spoken of. His

true love had awakened the princess.

"Thank you," she said, ­embracing him. "You are a wonderful man. Your love

has saved us all!"

The people throughout the castle woke from their long slumber. They stretched and rubbed the sleep of one hundred years from their eyes. The sound of the queen's joyful cries soon reached their ears. They hurried to the princess' room to see her. "Our princess is awake at last!" they cheered.

The queen introduced her subjects to the prince. "This is the man who has saved us," she said. "He loves my daughter, and they will be married as soon as possible. We have waited a very long time for this day, so we cannot waste another minute!"

Sleepy Beauty and the prince were married.
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In a few short days, the sound of wedding bells filled the kingdom. The prince and princess were married. The prince, his heart filled with love, had never been happier. The princess had truly found the man of her dreams, and they lived happily ever after.

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