Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Part II
None of the wizards and witches that the queen called were able to help.
None of the wizards and witches that the queen called were able to help.
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Below is the second part of "Sleeping Beauty."

The queen found her daughter fast asleep on the floor of the sewing room. The princess' dress was still torn, and a needle and thread lay near her feet. At once the queen knew what had ­happened.

The queen called to her daughter. She shook the girl's shoulders. The princess still slept, her eyes closed on her peaceful but sadly lifeless face. The princess was brought to her room, where she lay still in her bed. Doctors came from far and wide to help revive the girl.

"When will my daughter awaken?" she asked the doctors.

"This is magic," they told the queen. "There is ­nothing we can do."

She called on the good wizards and witches throughout the kingdom, but they could not break the spell either. The desperate queen invited wicked witches and evil warlocks into her castle. But even they could not reverse the terrible spell.

One day, after many years had passed and the queen had nearly given up all hope, a good fairy arrived at the castle. She asked to see the queen.

"I have news for you about your daughter," the fairy told the queen.

In her travels throughout the world, this fairy had met a wicked witch. The witch had bragged about her very powerful, very wicked spells. She had told the fairy about a sleeping spell that was believed to be unbreakable.

"But the wicked witch knew of one thing that would break the spell," the fairy told the queen. "Love," said the fairy. "If a man of pure heart were to fall in love with her, then she would awaken."

The kind fairy fluttered her wings and ­hovered by the sleeping girl's ear. She

­whispered words of comfort to the sleeping princess. As the fairy spoke to the princess in a hushed voice, the queen began to sob.

The fairy whispered into Sleeping Beauty's ear.
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"What man could fall in love with a sleeping girl? She does not speak. She does not move. She only sleeps, day and night. All hope is surely lost," cried

the queen.

"There is nothing I can do to awaken your ­daughter," the fairy told the queen, "but there is something I can do for you."

"What is it?" asked the queen. "Anything, ­anything at all. I cannot bear to live this way any longer. Please, do whatever you can!"

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