Sleeping Beauty

The queen was proud of her beautiful baby girl.
The queen was proud of her beautiful baby girl.
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A queen had a beautiful castle. It was filled with proud knights, elegant ladies, soldiers, maids, and dutiful servants. The people adored their queen. Their castle was a happy place.

But the queen felt that something was missing. She longed to have a child. One happy day, the queen gave birth to a daughter. When her daughter was born, the queen's happiness knew no bounds. Her people prepared a party for the proud mother and her beautiful baby.

At this time, there was a very wicked witch who lived all alone in the woods. In her lonely cottage, there was ­no laughter or merriment. There was nothing but the sound of the cold wind blowing through the cracks in her window.

That night, the wind carried happy sounds from the castle to her ears. "Bah!" cackled the witch. "All these cheers! I will put a stop to that!" The witch crept up to the castle gates. Finding her way to the nursery, the witch cast a terrible spell on the queen's baby girl, who slept peacefully in her cradle.

Before she left the castle, the witch stopped to whisper into the queen's ear. "Be forewarned! When the girl reaches the age of sixteen, she will have a terrible accident." The queen's smile faded from her face.

"A simple sewing accident," continued the witch with a cackle. "Just a little prick on the finger and she will fall into a deep sleep. She will sleep forever!"

The queen called in wizards, witches, and fairies. None of her magical advisers were able to change the spell. Many years later, the day of the princess' sixteenth birthday arrived. The queen was not merry. She was worried.

"Where is my daughter?" she asked one of her loyal guards.

"She is in her room," said the guard.

As the princess put on a dress for her party, she noticed it was torn. The princess could not find the seamstress, but she found a needle and thread in the sewing room.

The princess fell to the floor after pricking her finger.
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"How difficult can it be?" she said. "I will surely be able to fix it myself." As she stitched the dress, the princess pricked her finger. She fell to the floor, into a deep sleep.

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