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What is the future of robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery involves high-tech bots that allow surgeons to make precise movements. Learn about the future of robotic surgery at HowStuffWorks.

Is surgery changing baseball?

People are asking will surgery change baseball with the explosion of Tommy John surgery. Learn the answer to can surgery change baseball.

Laser Spine Surgery

Your back pain may be debilitating, but is it bad enough to undergo laser spine surgery? Find out all the facts on laser spine surgery.

Could meditating before or during surgery decrease your pain?

Meditating before surgery or during surgery helps many people manage their pain. Learn about meditating before or during surgery how it can lower stress.

Cornea Transplant Surgery and Risks

Cornea transplant surgery is one of the successful types of transplant surgery. Learn about cornea transplant surgery and its risks.

What is the future of spine surgery?

Spine surgery has traditionally been a little dicey. Find out what technologies may improve spine surgery in the future.

Is robotic surgery becoming the new norm?

Robotic surgery assists surgeons with various medical procedures. Is robotic surgery becoming the new norm? Find out.

Liberated by LASIK Surgery

Become liberated with Lasik surgery, freeing you from contacts and glasses. Learn about being liberated with Lasik surgery at HowStuffWorks.

What's so minimal about "minimally invasive" coronary bypass surgery?

Minimally invasive heart surgery means that the doc cuts a slit in your side and inserts a robotic arm. Learn about minimally invasive heart surgery.

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