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How to Throw an Arts and Crafts Birthday Party

Want to know how to throw an arts and crafts birthday party? Visit TLC Family to learn how to throw an arts and crafts birthday party.

Design an Outfit and We'll Give You a VSCO Girl Twin

Wanna pair some biker shorts with an oversized tie-dye T-shirt? Whether your answer is "lit" or "that's cray-cray," we're about to match you to a VSCO influencer based on your clothing choices!

Which Movie Fashionista is Your Style Icon?

Do you have the devastating flair of Emily Nelson, the elegance of Holly Golightly, or the killer closet of Cher Horowitz? Find out which chic cinematic heroine you remind people of with the help of this quiz!

How have NASA space helmets changed optics?

NASA space helmets are nifty devices that allow astronauts to operate in the hostile environment of space, but did you know that the technology behind them has also directly benefitted eyeballs here on Earth? Learn more about NASA and optics.

What Spirit Animal Represents Your Style Personality?

There's more to your sense of style than just your clothing choices. In fact, your fashion preferences comes from your inner personality, which we're about to match to a beautiful spirit animal!

How Intimidating Are You?

Are other people utterly terrified of you, or do they think that they can talk you into doing anything they want? Find out if you're intimidating, normal or a total softie by taking this revealing psychological quiz!

10 Must-have Accessories for Vacation

Knowing what accessories to have for vacation can make packing easier. Take a look at these 10 must-have accessories for vacation at HowStuffWorks.

Shoulder Pads and Scrunchies: The '80s Fashion Quiz

Let's go back to the decade of scrunchies, fanny packs, leg warmers and acid-washed jeans. How much do you recall about '80s fashion? Take this quiz to find out.

9 of the Weirdest Lost-and-found Items in the World

From diamond rings to prosthetic legs, people lose and find the strangest things. HowStuffWorks looks at 9 super interesting lost-and-found items.

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