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Is the brain hardwired for religion?

Is the brain hardwired for religion? Proponents of neurotheology think it may be. Learn how science is figuring out if the brain is hardwired for religion.

Inca Pictures

Inca pictures show what life was like for the ancient Incas of South America. Take a look at pictures of the Incans.

Can You Match the World Landmark to the Religion?

You've probably seen pictures of the most famous landmarks in the world hundreds of times, but have you ever wondered what religion some of them represent? From Stonehenge to the Sistine Chapel, try to match the famous landmark to the religion.

Can You Identify the World Capital When Only Shown One Photo of It? Most Fail!

The Eiffel Tower not only represents Paris, but the symbol of the country globally. A symbol which embodies the city of love and a country that not only produces fragrant cheeses but also performed the world’s first artificial heart transplant and face transplant. But you already know that! So see how many other world capitals you can recognize!

How Karma Works

Karma is the central concept in many Eastern religions, but how did the word become part of Western culture? Find out what karma is and how karma works.

Can We Guess How Religious You Are, on a Scale of 1–10?

People identify strongly with their religious practices or lack thereof. Are you a devout believer, a hard-minded skeptic or somewhere in-between? See if we can guess based on how you answer this quiz!

Catholic Lingo Quiz

Do you know the difference between the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed? Can you rattle off the seven sacraments and explain how to pray the rosary? If the answer is yes, then take this Catholic lingo quiz and make Sister Mary Josephine proud!

How the Prosperity Gospel Works

The prosperity gospel is one of the most popular forms of Christianity in the entire world. But where did it come from and how did it get so big? And why do critics say it gives a false picture of Christianity?

How Megachurches Blurred the Line Between Religion and Riches

Megachurches and prosperity gospel tell parishioners if you pray for it, it will come. HowStuffWorks asks whether it's still religion or it's fraud.

Can You Fill In the Blanks in These Verses From the Book of Proverbs?

Can you separate popular Proverbs from poetic Psalms? Put your knowledge of this book of wisdom to the test and see just how wise you really are. We'll be your proverbial cheerleader!

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