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Plumbing is hidden away behind your walls, bringing water in and taking it back out. It may seem mysterious and complicated. Learn about the workings of plumbing, and discover easy repairs you can make yourself.

The Ultimate Basic Plumbing Quiz

Something we all tend to take for granted at home is the plumbing system. Although it is usually reliable, problems can occur. Take this quiz and see how you can repair some of the common problems.

Plumbing Tools

Some plumbing projects require specialized tools to complete the job. Read about these plumbing tools and how to use them.

Plumbing Troubleshooting

You have to find the right problem before you can fix it. Check out these charts on plumbing troubleshooting, and make your own diagnosis.

Plumbing Basics

Plumbing follows the basic laws of nature — gravity, pressure, water seeking its own level. Learn about your home plumbing system.

The Ultimate Plumbing Quiz

Do you think valves are just in cars? Or do you know where a "flapper" is found? Test your knowledge of all things plumbing with our quiz!

The Plumbing Tools Identification Quiz

Life without properly functioning indoor plumbing would certainly be the pits! It’s a good thing we have plumbers and their specialized tools to call on. Do you think you can identify each of these plumbing tools from just one image or will you get washed away by this quiz? Get started and find out!

How To Recaulk Plumbing Fixtures

Recaulking bathroom and kitchen fixtures ensures water won't seep into openings and damage any walls. Learn how to recaulk plumbing fixtures here.

How to Repair Plumbing Pipes

Most plumbing problems occur at or near such fixtures as sinks, tubs, and toilets. Sometimes, however, the pipes themselves are the root of the problem. Learn how to repair pipes.

The Ultimate Plumbing Tools Identification Quiz

Plumbers help to unclog toilets, fix pipes and cut through a variety of materials. They use many different types of tools to get these jobs done for residential homes and corporate offices. Think you can name all of the plumbing tools in the photos? Take the quiz now to find out!

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