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Is it more affordable to have a portable DVD player in your car or have the dealer install one?

Is it more affordable to have a portable DVD player in your car or have the dealer install one? Find out if a portable DVD player is a good option for you.

How Record Players Work

The record player changed society as it made music portable and more accessible to people. Learn how record players work and how record players evolved.

How DVD Players Work

DVD players are exceptionally precise pieces of equipment. See how DVD players work, including information on DVD drives, outputs and more.

NFL Players In Their Own Words

Have you ever wondered what it's like to play professional football? We have, so we called up players Takeo Spikes, Carlos Emmons, Jonas Jennings, Fred Beasley and Willie Anderson to find out.

How MP3 Players Work

MP3 players allow you to carry video, pictures or even thousands of songs in your pocket. Read reviews on MP3 players and learn how MP3 players work.

How have record players modernized?

Record players have modernized since the late 19th century when they were introduced. See how record players have modernized and the current technology.

Gary Player

Gary Player maintained his body in peak condition, abstaining from alcohol, tobacco and coffee. Learn about Gary Player and his work ethic.

How the Amazon Cloud Player Works

The Amazon Cloud Player is a new streaming music app that offers flexibility in purchasing, storing and accessing tunes. Explore the Amazon Cloud Player.

Great Basketball Players

Great basketball players like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird have helped make the NBA such a popular sport. Learn about the great basketball players.

Great Football Players

Football legends of all time include the likes of Mike Ditka and Joe Montana. Learn about great offensive and defensive football legends.

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