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Famous Gardens Pictures

Famous garden pictures take you from Versailles to Central Park. Check out these famous garden pictures at HowStuffWorks.

Indoor Gardens Pictures

Creating an indoor garden is one of those things that can remind you that anything's possible. Check out these indoor gardens pictures.

10 Japanese-style Gardens

Japanese gardens, like Zen gardens, try to represent nature as it is. Read about five Japanese style gardens and see photos.

Garden Ideas

Garden ideas can spring up anywhere. Look at gorgeous garden photos to get some great garden ideas for your backyard.

Herb Gardens

Herb gardens are easy to grow and provide you with fresh herbs for your kitchen. Learn about growing and caring for an herb garden at HowStuffWorks.

Ultimate Guide to Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla gardening involves people beautifying public space, with or without permission. Learn how and where guerrilla gardening got its start.

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable gardens are a source of beauty and nutrition. Learn everything about vegetable gardens from growing to planting at HowStuffWorks.

Gardening Tips

Take good care of your garden, and it will reward you with brighter blooms and a bigger harvest. Find tips for all gardening aspects at HowStuffWorks.

Habitat Garden Ideas

Attract wildlife, such as butterflies, to your garden by creating a habitat garden. Get ideas with the beautiful garden photos in this article.

Hummingbird Pictures

Hummingbirds are a small American bird that makes a humming noise with its rapidly moving wings. Check out this variety of hummingbird pictures.

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