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Great Football Players

Football legends of all time include the likes of Mike Ditka and Joe Montana. Learn about great offensive and defensive football legends.

How the Physics of Football Works

There's a reason why some passes miss their target, and others land right in the receiver's hands -- it's physics! Take a look at the game from a whole new angle.

How to Explain Football to Your Girlfriend

Want to know how to explain football to your girlfriend? Visit Discovery Health to learn how to explain football to your girlfriend.

Image Gallery: The Art of Yoga

Take a look at these yoga pictures and see different uses for yoga and various poses. Explore yoga pictures.

Sport Pictures

These sport pictures cover the popular sports around the word. Learn trivia and fun facts with sport pictures.

5 Tips for Supporting Your Favorite Football Team

Do you need tips for supporting your favorite football team? Visit HowStuffWorks to find 5 tips for supporting your favorite football team.

2010 in Pictures

Take a look at 2010 pictures and see the top stories and events of the year. See how much you remember about 2010 with 2010 pictures.

Great Basketball Players

Great basketball players like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird have helped make the NBA such a popular sport. Learn about the great basketball players.

Mental Disorder Pictures

These mental disorder pictures help you explore various types of mental illness. Learn about mental disorders in these pictures.

Futuristic Fashion Pictures

Futuristic fashion ideas often come from sci-fi.Take a look at these futuristic fashion pictures to take a tour of future fashions -- some of which might already be in your closet.

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