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Great Football Players

Football legends of all time include the likes of Mike Ditka and Joe Montana. Learn about great offensive and defensive football legends.

How can I meet my favorite football team?

How can I meet my favorite football team? Visit HowStuffWorks to learn how you can meet your favorite football team.

How College Football Crowns Its Champ

The NCAA scrapped the Bowl Championship Series in favor of a playoff system. But does it truly crown a national champion? HowStuffWorks investigates.

How to Become a High School Football Coach

Let this article by show you how to become a high school football coach.

The Olympic Decathlon Winner: The Best Athlete in the World?

Thanks to the Swedish King Gustav V, each Olympic decathlon winner now earns the unofficial title of The World's Greatest Athlete. Should they?

The Best, the Worst and the Weirdest College Mascots (and Why We Love Them)

College sports just wouldn't be the same without mascots. HowStuffWorks looks at the history of mascots and what makes them so awesome.

Len Ford

Len Ford was one of the best defensive players in pro football history, playing in six championships with the Browns. Read about Len Ford's career.

Buck Buchanan

Buck Buchanan was the big player with the big personality that the Kansas City Chiefs needed in the late 1960s. Learn about Buck Buchanan.

Franco Harris

Franco Harris led the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl victories. Read about Franco Harris, the NFL's intelligent and agile fullback.

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