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How to Wash Cashmere

You need to wash cashmere, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to wash cashmere in this article.

Why Is Cashmere So Expensive?

Cashmere is super-soft and luxurious, and super expensive. HowStuffWorks talks to experts about where cashmere comes from, and why it's so costly.

1955 Lincoln Capri

The 1955 Lincoln Capri saw model-year improvements, but sales were dismal in an otherwise booming year. Learn all about the 1955 Lincoln Capri.

5 Essential Accessories Women Should Have

These essential accessories can liven up a dull outfit in no time. See five essential accessories women should have to learn more.

Easy Ways to Look Younger

These easy ways to look younger will help you shave years off your appearance. Look younger with these age-fighting tips.

Durable, Waterproof and Warm: Felted Wool Mittens from Old Sweaters

How to turn a worn out sweater into warm mittens in about an hour. Learn more about making felted wool mittens from old sweaters.

Free Baby Bootie Knitting Patterns

Knitting the softest baby booties is fun and easy to do. Get free knitting patterns for baby's best booties and Mary Janes at HowStuffWorks.

5 Best Gifts for the Fashionista in Your Life

These are the 5 best gifts for the fashionista in your life. Check out the top 5 things fashionistas want, in this article from

Grass Gobbling Goats Are Gardening Away at O'Hare, Google

Goats are an ancient and, these days, trendy way to keep a garden under control. HowStuffWorks looks at the greatness of goats as gardeners.

What Style Sweater Matches Your Body Type?

Got silk? Or maybe, you "wool" rather choose a cashmere blend for the chilly sweater weather ahead! No matter what your stylish preferences are, it's time to come out of your "turtleneck" shell with this warm and fuzzy quiz!

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