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Senior Health

As a senior, a healthy lifestyle becomes crucial. However, you may not know what exactly is healthy for your changing body. Learn about senior health.

Rating Low-Fat Diets for Seniors

Low-fat diets for seniors come in all shapes and sizes, and finding the best fit can be tough. Read this article to learn about several low-fat diets.

A Guide to Supplements for Seniors

Supplements for seniors can help to control hormones and even protect against cancer. Learn about the pros and cons of supplements for seniors.

A Guide to Botanicals for Seniors

Botanicals have been receiving a lot of press lately, but they can be dangerous. Learn about the safety of botanicals for seniors.

Rating Alternative Diets for Seniors

Alternative diets for seniors may be the answer to your weight-loss issues, though there are risks. Learn about alternative diets in this article.

Nutrition for Seniors

Nutrition for seniors can be confusing as some nutrients become more important and others may become harmful. Learn how nutrition for seniors works.

Seniors and Exercise

How can seniors exercise safely and healthfully? Learn about seniors and exercise at Discovery Health.

How to Eat Right as a Senior

Seniors need fewer calories, so making the right food choices is more critical than ever. Read this article to find out how to eat right as a senior.

Rating Calorie-Control Diets For Seniors

Some of the most popular calorie-control diets for seniors include Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. Read more about these and other calorie-control diets.

Rating Low-Carb Diets for Seniors

Low-Carb diets for seniors claim to produce everything from rapid weight-loss to decreased blood pressure. Learn about low-carb diets for seniors.

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