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Gadget Savvy: Electric Motors Quiz

Electric motors are inside all kinds of ordinary devices, using a power source to make motion. So what makes the motor go 'round?

Inside an Electric Motor

These electric motor pictures take you inside a typical toy motor. Find out how everything works with electric motor pictures.

Could Electric Motor Conversions Save Classic Cars?

Crate motors are popular for breathing new life into old cars. HowStuffWorks looks at how they've also gone electric so your classic car can go green.

What Is a Brushless Motor?

Discover the differences between the "normal" electric motor and a brushless electric motor that make brushless electric motors more efficient.

How Electric Motors Work

Electric motors power almost everything in your kitchen, bathroom and office. But how do they perform their magic?

How In-wheel Motors Work

The in-wheel motor may make many of your car's components obsolete. Read about in-wheel motors and learn how they work in this article.

How Electricity Works

Electricity surrounds us and can be used thousands of different ways. Learn about the basics of electricity, from generators and electrical circuits to voltage and currents.

Electric Boats Make Emission-free Sea Travel a Reality

Electric-propelled boats, which are much quieter and more environmentally friendly than gas-powered motorboats, are finally beginning to hit the waves and find their market.

Electric Car Quiz

They may look similar from the outside. But there are many significant under-the-hood differences between an electric-powered car and a car that makes use of an internal combustion engine. How much do you know about electric cars?

How Electric Cars Work

Sales of electric cars keep soaring and the technology just keeps getting better. So how do electric cars work and just how green are they?

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