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How Unregulated Sperm Donation Leads to 'Fertility Fraud'

Many families felt duped and deceived by the sperm banks they used after their children were born with heritable illnesses. So they sued. Are strict regulations next?

Tsundoku: The Art of Buying Books You Can't Possibly Read

Guilty of buying books you never have time to read? We get it. And there's a name for that.

Reading the Rails: What Was the Hobo Code?

Hoboes were a widely displaced brotherhood who illegally hopped trains and journeyed across the country, taking odd jobs wherever they could find them. The hobo code helped them survive.

Did James Earl Ray Really Kill Martin Luther King Jr.?

More than 50 years after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by a lone bullet while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel, questions still remain. Was James Earl Ray the sole gunman, or was it a conspiracy?

T-cells Are Superheroes in the Battle Against Omicron

According to scientists, T-cells have been steadily changing the pandemic picture and are one reason for optimism that the pandemic may soon be behind us.

Ancient Folks Didn't Have Twitter, but Boy Did They Have Curse Tablets

Ancient Greeks and Romans used thin strips of lead to vent their frustrations or write messages to the gods.

Compression Wear Is Key to Sports and Surgical Recovery

Compression socks, sleeves and other garments are worn by both patients and athletes to help enhance their performance and improve their post-op recovery. But do they work?

That Faint Light in the Night Sky Could Be the Gegenschein

The gegenschein, "faint light" in German, occurs under very specific astronomical conditions when the sun reaches the exact opposite of Earth from wherever you're stargazing.

What Do the Numbers on Those Tiny Produce Stickers Tell Us?

When you buy most fruits and vegetables in a supermarket, you might see that they're individually tagged with a sticker and a bar code. There's a lot of information in that four-digit code!

Are Minimalist Running Shoes the Key to Fewer Injuries?

Some runners swear by them, but others not so much. Can wearing minimalist running shoes improve your running — for life? We talked to an Olympic marathoner to find out.

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