Rocking-Horse Land

Rocking-Horse Land Part II
The prince's parents gave him a fine stallion.
The prince's parents gave him a fine stallion.
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Below is the second part of "Rocking-Horse Land."

And so a year went by, with Little Prince Freedling riding Rollonde each day and setting him free every night. Soon, the prince awoke to the sounds of his sixth birthday. The bells and clocks and cornets all called to him. The gifts all sat wrapped at the foot of his bed.

The first that Freedling opened was from his fairy godmother. This gift turned out to be a mynah bird. When the prince pulled the bird's tail, it became a striped skink lizard. When the prince pulled the skink's tail, it became a bouncing border collie. But when he pulled the pup's tail, it became a large Manx cat, which has no tail at all. Seeing this, the prince left the cat alone and looked for his next gift.

The best gift that the prince received was from his parents. His father, the king, said, "Freedling, you are now old enough to ride a real horse," and presented to his son the finest young stallion in the kingdom.

Little Prince Freedling spent the rest of that day riding his fine, new horse -- so much time, in fact, that he completely forgot about his rocking horse, Rollonde.

That night, as Freedling fell asleep, he heard a crying from beside his bed. The prince looked up to find poor Rollonde standing there, tears streaming down his face.

"Oh, dear Prince Freedling," the rocking horse wept, "I see that you now have a real horse of your very own. Will you let me go to Rocking-Horse Land for good?"

Little Prince Freedling let Rollonde gallop off into the night sky.
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The prince felt just awful for forgetting his loyal friend, saying to him, "Oh, Rollonde, please forgive me."

And with that, Little Prince Freedling threw open the shutters and let Rollonde gallop off into the night sky.

Standing at the window, the prince watched his friend ride off to Rocking-Horse Land. As he did, Freedling took the black hair from his finger and let it float away, too.

Many years later when the boy formerly known as Little Prince Freedling had grown up and become King Freedling, it was the fifth birthday of his own son, the new prince. Beautifully wrapped and ribboned gifts covered the prince's bedroom, including a beautiful, golden rocking-horse colt.

Freedling's own son took good care of his rocking horse.
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The king knelt down and saw that the colt looked so much like his own beloved rocking horse. He searched its mane until he found a black hair. Plucking the hair, the king wrapped it around the prince's finger, knowing that the boy would take good care of the son of his old friend, Rollonde.

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