Robin Hood

Robin Hood Part II
The sheriff saw a note hanging from the arrow.
The sheriff saw a note hanging from the arrow.
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Below is the second part of "Robin Hood."

Robin Hood and his Merry Men followed the sheriff to his home. That night Robin and his men enjoyed the sheriff's food and drink. They stayed late into the night and took turns sneaking off to other rooms in the sheriff's home to steal anything of value they could find. As the night wore down, Robin and his men bid the sheriff good night.

The sheriff smiled while thinking about the enjoyable night he had just spent with the winner of his archery contest. At the very moment the sheriff leaned to blow out a candle for the night, an arrow whizzed by his ear, lodging itself into the painting that hung just inches from his head. The sheriff saw a note hanging from the arrow.

The sheriff felt a sick feeling sneak into his belly as he read the note out loud: "Sheriff, it was Robin Hood who won the contest and dined at your home this night. And it was the Merry Men who stole so many of your possessions while you gave them food and drink. Thank you for the evening."

For many months, the sheriff tried in vain to capture the elusive Robin Hood.

One day Robin was in a fresh disguise, working in the village of Nottingham peddling pots for a potter who lacked the energy to do so on his own. Robin was very charming and sold every one of the potter's pots, earning a pretty penny for the old man.

One of the villagers who happened to take a shine to Robin was the wife of the

sheriff. So touched was she by Robin's caring nature that she invited him to dinner that night. Robin graciously accepted.

Before heading to the sheriff's for dinner, Robin gathered

his Merry Men in the forest. He had a plan. If this worked, the sheriff would surely double his efforts to catch Robin Hood and all of his men. Robin arrived at the sheriff's home in his potter disguise. The sheriff and

his wife were very gracious, serving a wonderful feast. Not long into dessert, however, the conversation turned to Robin Hood. The sheriff noted his hatred for the outlaw.

He particularly hated that everyone loved him.

"I wish I had known of your distaste for that villain, Sheriff," said Robin Hood. "For just this morning I myself shot and wounded him with my very own arrow. In fact, I have his bow outside on my horse."

Not believing what he heard, the sheriff followed the man outside. Sure enough, he had the most beautiful archer's bow known to Nottingham. It was Robin Hood's, all right.

"He's wounded, you say?" said the sheriff. "You must take me to him at once."

Robin and the sheriff rode side by side into Sherwood Forest. As they reached a clearing and jumped down from their horses, Robin pulled a horn out from under his cape and blew. The sound was a signal to his men, and in no time, the sheriff found himself surrounded.

"I'm afraid you've been duped again, Sheriff," said Robin Hood.

They robbed the sheriff, giving a satchel of gold to the old potter. The next day they would give the rest of the gold to the poor people of Nottingham.

Tonight, however, Robin and his men enjoyed their victory over the sheriff with

a great feast. The war wasn't over, but Robin and his men had won this battle.

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