Rip Van Winkle

Rip Van Winkle Part III
A man with a tall hat asked Rip why he had come to the village.
A man with a tall hat asked Rip why he had come to the village.
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Below is the third part of "Rip Van Winkle."

Sad that even his dog was different, Rip wandered back into the village. There the people gathered around Rip, still staring and pointing at him. They asked who he was, worrying that he was crazy or even dangerous. This scared poor Rip Van Winkle.

"Please, people," Rip said to them, "I mean no harm."

Just then a man with an odd, tall hat quieted the crowd. "People of the village, leave this poor fellow alone," the man said. Then he turned to Rip and asked Rip who he was, and why he had come to the village.

"I've lived in this village my whole life," Rip replied.

"Then name the people who live here," the man said.

"Well, there is Nicholas Vedder. There is also Brom Dutcher," Rip told the people of the crowd.

"Nicholas Vedder has been gone for years," said one.

"Brom Dutcher went off to war," said another.

Rip's heart sank when he heard this. All of the changes in his home and his friends made him sad.

Rip found his daughter, now grown.
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Then Rip spotted a woman who looked familiar. "What is your father's name? And where is your mother?"

"My father's name was Rip Van Winkle. My mother passed away recently of a broken heart because my father left the house twenty years ago and never returned."

"Why, I am Rip Van Winkle," Rip said to the woman.

Some of the crowd looked closer at Rip. This man did look like the Rip Van Winkle of old. He was telling the truth! The man whom they had not seen in twenty years had come home!

That night the people of the town gathered in order to give Rip Van Winkle a warm welcome home, home after twenty long years spent sleeping in the misty, mysterious Catskill Mountains.

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