Getting Article Reprints

Thanks for asking about reprinting HowStuffWorks articles! Our articles are used extensively in both nonprofit, educational settings, and by businesses that wish to educate their customers and employees.

If you are an educator who wishes to use an article for a nonprofit classroom setting, select the article's printable version to photocopy. Do not modify the printable version -- leave all logos, ads, copyright notices, URLs, bylines, etc., as they appear on the printable version. Feel free to make up to 100 copies of any article on the site for your personal, noncommercial classroom use. For all other reprinting and licensing requests, please contact our permission vendor, PARS International, at


If you represent a business that would like multiple reprints (250 or more) on coated paper for presentation to customers and employees, or if you seek information on copyrights or reprinting permissions, please click here.