Rapunzel Part IV
Prince Peter visited Rapunzel every evening.
Prince Peter visited Rapunzel every evening.
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Below is the fourth part of "Rapunzel."

Prince Peter loved Rapunzel, so he visited her every evening. He told her all about his ­family. Rapunzel heard about dances, horse races, and puppet shows.

"Won't you please come with me to my kingdom?" Prince Peter asked again.

Rapunzel had fallen in love with the prince. She knew she could not stay in the tower. Rapunzel told Prince Peter she would go. She left a note for Romaina telling her how much she loved her. The only way to leave was through the window. Rapunzel let down her hair so the prince could climb down.

"You must jump into my arms," said Prince Peter. "Trust me, I will catch you!"

Rapunzel closed her eyes and jumped. She landed right in Prince Peter's arms. He lifted her onto his horse. As they rode away, Rapunzel cried. She knew she would never see Romaina again.

The prince took Rapunzel home to his ­kingdom. Rapunzel did not know it, but this was where she had been born.

Soon, Prince Peter asked Rapunzel to marry him. She said yes! The king and queen decided the whole city should meet Rapunzel, so they planned a parade.

The day of the parade came. Rapunzel wore a long red gown. She put flowers in her hair. She joined Prince Peter in a golden carriage pulled by six black horses.

The carriage rolled down many streets. One street had a broken-down castle on the corner. A wood shack stood beside it. An old man and woman stood in the doorway. They wanted to see the woman who would one day be the queen.

The carriage slowly rolled by the shack. They saw that the woman was truly ­beautiful. Then they heard the prince call her Rapunzel. They looked at each other. Could it be?

"Wait," yelled the man. He ran to the carriage as fast as his old legs could go. The prince stopped the horses.

"What is wrong?" asked Prince Peter.

Rapunzel was finally reunited with her parents.
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"We need to ask Rapunzel a question," said the old man. It was Samuel, of course. "Young lady, do you know a ­person named Romaina?"

That is how Rapunzel finally learned who she truly was. She was filled with joy to have a ­family that loved her.

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