Rapunzel Part III
The prince saw Rapunzel through his telescope.
The prince saw Rapunzel through his telescope.
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Below is the third part of "Rapunzel."

The prince found the flowers growing in a garden. He was surprised to see a tower. He did not know anyone lived in this forest. The tower seemed empty. The prince decided no one would notice if he picked a few roses. The prince had picked one rose when he heard a noise in the woods. He quickly hid behind a tree.

Through his telescope, he watched an old woman walk up to the tower. Then he heard her say, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair."

A beautiful maiden came to the window above the old woman. She undid her braids and hung them out the window. The old woman used them to climb the tower wall.

The prince did not know what to think. Why was a beautiful girl living out here? Why was she letting an old woman climb her braids? He waited to see what happened next.

Before long, the prince saw the maiden again. This time, she was crying! She dropped her braids, and the old woman climbed back down and disappeared into the woods.

The prince was sure the beautiful stranger needed help. He tried to open the tower door, but it was locked. He could not see any other windows. He knew what he had to do.

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair," called the prince.

The young woman peeked out the window. Her eyes opened wide. Her cheeks turned bright red.

"Do not be afraid," said the prince. "Can I please come up?"

The prince smiled with joy as the maiden began to unwrap her hair. The prince grabbed one braid in each hand. They felt as soft as silk.

The prince climbed inside the tower. He asked, "Who are you? Do you need help?"

"My name is Rapunzel," she told him. "My mother keeps me locked in this tower." Rapunzel began to cry as she told the prince the rest of her story. By the time she finished, the prince had fallen in love with her.

"You are very brave, Rapunzel," said the prince, whose name was Peter. He began to tell her about himself. Rapunzel decided Prince Peter was a very kind man.

Prince Peter wanted Rapunzel to come to his kingdom.

"I cannot leave my mother," said Rapunzel sadly. "I am all she has."

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