Rapunzel Part II

Below is the second part of "Rapunzel."

"Please, let me play in the woods," Rapunzel begged.

"No," Romaina answered.

"Please, tell me about my father and where I was born," Rapunzel said.

"I can't," Romaina answered. When Rapunzel asked why not, Romaina was silent. She feared that if Rapunzel knew the truth, she would lose her forever. Rapunzel did not know why they lived alone.

When Rapunzel became a young woman, she was not so happy anymore. She began to wonder about other people. She began to wonder who Romaina really was.

One day, Rapunzel sat in front of her mirror and brushed her shiny golden hair. It was so long, Rapunzel wore it in two braids wrapped tightly around her head. "I don't even look like my mother," Rapunzel said to the mirror. "Mother is dark and plump. I am fair and tall. Who am I really?"

Romaina heard Rapunzel. She knew she must do something to keep her daughter to herself. The witch put a powerful spell on the tower that locked all the doors. They would not even open for Romaina.

Romaina still visited Rapunzel each morning. Since the door was locked, Romaina called out, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair."

Rapunzel came to the window and unwound her long braids so they hung down to the ground like two ropes. Romaina grabbed hold of each braid and

climbed up to the window.

Romaina always brought Rapunzel special treats. Rapunzel always thanked her. Then she asked, "Why am I locked in this tower?"

"Because I love you," Romaina always said to her.

As the days passed, Rapunzel stopped ­asking questions. She did not like to talk to Romaina at all. Romaina wanted Rapunzel to be happy, but

she did not want to lose her.

One morning, a prince rode into the forest. He was looking for some special ­flowers for the queen's birthday. The prince searched the woods through his telescope. Suddenly, he saw a bright flash of red.

"Those are the most beautiful roses I have ever seen," said the prince. "The queen will love them."

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