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The '70s were filled with popular bands, fun toys and gadgets, and colorful clothes. Think you know this funky decade? Take the quiz to find out!

Legends and mythology from ancient times are full of monsters from the sea, from serpents to dragons, mermaids and sirens, and hydras and other hybrid creatures. But even without those in our stories, our oceans are full of sea creatures and still some a mystery to us. See how many of these sea creatures you can name.

Much to the shock of kids everywhere, moms are people too! Take this quiz to test your knowledge of all types of mothers, from record-holders to renowned to notorious.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his wife, Catherine, just had their third baby, Prince Louis. Royal watchers, test your knowledge of the bejeweled babies of the British royal family with this quiz.

There are certain skills all men should have, but many of those have been forgotten. Do you have these skills? Take this quiz and find out!

Hey, we all love trivia, but not everyone is cut out for competition on national TV! So we've created a Jeopardy-style quiz, with the answers phrased as questions, for those of you who'd rather play from an armchair. Good luck!

The world of law relies on a bevy of esoteric terms. In both civil and criminal cases, lawyers and judge toss around words like "motion" and "indictment" as part of everyday life. Think you know these legal terms?

Just under half of the more than 32,000 fish species on the planet live in lakes, rivers and other sources of fresh water. How many of them can you identify?

Let's rev up that tractor and see how well you know your farm equipment. From manually operated equipment to heavy machinery, let's see if you know your equipment well enough to run a farm.

Calling all Disney fans! If you think you're a true Disney movie lover who knows all there is to know and you want to test that knowledge, take our quiz!

Since the development of gunpowder, the history of the world can be traced through the history of the gun. While there have been literally thousands of different firearms designed in the past three centuries, which ones are the greatest?

Flowers add a pop of color to everyday life, and are an integral part of major moments like weddings, funerals and parties. But few people can distinguish one type of flower from another. Think you're a guru of blooms and blossoms? Take our quiz to find out!

Whether you are that friendly neighborhood electrician, DIYer, or just someone who likes to change light bulbs, the electrician's tools should never be too far off. But how well can you identify them?

The '80s were a great time for baseball with some of the greatest moments the game has seen. Do you think you can name these '80s players from an image? Let's play ball and find out!

Remember when Apple had us "think different" about things and we never left home without our American Express card? Whether you lived through those comings and goings, or not, any change can be hard. Especially technology changes. Take our quiz to learn more.

Car hood ornaments were quite the rage in the early days of motoring. Today, however, they have mostly been replaced by badges. Can you identify them? Start your engine and let's go!