Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots Part V
Puss's master bought Puss a new pair of boots.
Puss's master bought Puss a new pair of boots.
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Below is the fifth part of "Puss in Boots."

Next, Puss ran up the road to a huge castle. It was almost as big as the King's palace. A wicked giant lived there. This giant had magical powers, which he used to scare his neighbors and steal their land.

No one was brave and bold enough to enter the giant's castle. But Puss was not afraid. He crept into the castle. His boots clicked and echoed through the halls. Puss walked into the giant's kitchen. There, the giant was preparing a big meal.

"What are you doing in my castle?" the giant roared.

"I have heard that you are very powerful," Puss calmly told the giant. "But I do not believe it."

"Huh!" the giant huffed. "I am more powerful than anyone, even the King!"

"What can you do that a King cannot do?" Puss asked.

"I can change my shape," said the giant proudly. "I can become a hawk, a wolf, a cloud, a mountain, or a grizzly bear! I can do anything!"

"I will believe it when I see it," said Puss coolly.

The giant became angry. "I do not need any magic to stomp on you and your pretty little boots!" he shouted.

"Wait!" said Puss. "I know how you can prove to me how powerful you are. Only a very powerful giant could change himself into a tiny little mouse!"

The giant laughed. "That's easy," he said. The giant shrunk down and became a mouse. Now Puss towered over the giant. He pounced and popped the giant into his mouth!

When the royal carriage rode by the castle gates, Puss was there to greet the King, the princess, and the young man."Welcome to my master's home," he said to the King. "The Duke would be honored if you and your lovely daughter would stay for dinner."

They had a wonderful feast. "You have enough food here to feed a giant!" said the King.

The princess and the young man got along splendidly at dinner. The princess whispered to her father, "I believe I would like to marry this young man, the Duke of Carabas." There was a royal wedding the very next day.

Puss had taken good care of his new master, so his master took good care

of him. With a fancy bow, Puss was sworn in as an officer of the King's court.

And Puss had a fine new pair of boots, but he never wore them to hunt in

the woods. Puss wore his new boots at fancy parties and in royal parades.

Exactly where a puss in boots belongs.

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