Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots Part IV
The farmhands told the king that the land belonged to the Duke.
The farmhands told the king that the land belonged to the Duke.
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Below is the fourth part of "Puss in Boots."

The farmer's son was puzzled. He did not say a word.

"Look at you," said the King. "You are soaking wet!" The King ordered one of his guards to return to the palace. "Bring my friend the Duke one of my finest royal suits," he said. "Once you are dressed and dry, won't you join me on a carriage ride?"

The young man was amazed. He had a fine new suit and an invitation from a King! "Well Sir," he said, "I would be quite honored."

"Believe me," the King said, "the pleasure is mine!"

As the young man climbed into the carriage, he glanced at his curious cat. Puss bowed again. Seated next to the King was a beautiful princess. The young farmer blushed as he sat down beside her.

"My dear cat," the King said, "won't you join us as well?"

"You are too kind, Your Majesty!" Puss said. "After all, what would a cat be doing riding in a carriage?"

While the royal carriage rolled along the country road, Puss was still busy with the plans he had for his new master. He had managed to introduce his master to the King. But the King could not find out that the farmer's son was not really a duke. Puss had more work to do.

He ran ahead of the King's carriage. Beside the road, he met two farmhands, who were working in a large cornfield.

"When the King arrives," Puss told the farmhands, "tell him these fields belong to your master, the Duke of Carabas."

The farmhands did as Puss asked. The King was impressed with the Duke's wealth. "So, you own all this land?" he asked.

"Well, yes," the young man lied. "I suppose I do."

Puss ran up the road again. He met two maidens in a meadow. He whispered something to them before the royal carriage arrived. "Who owns this land?" the King called out to the maidens.

"This meadow and everything around it belong to our master, the Duke of Carabas," said the maidens. The King shook the young man's hand. "You must be the richest duke in all of the kingdom!" he said. "How could I have gone this long without knowing you?"

The princess also gazed in the young man's direction. She smiled sweetly at him, and the young man blushed again.

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