Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots Part III
The king's guards pulled the farmer's son from the water.
The king's guards pulled the farmer's son from the water.
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Below is the third part of "Puss in Boots."

Puss hunted every day. He caught squirrels and partridges and pheasants.

And every day, Puss returned to the palace to offered these royal gifts to the King.

"Compliments of my master, the Duke of Carabas," Puss said with a bow.

"Your master is quite generous," said the King. "Tell me, is he married?"

Puss cleared his throat. "No, Sir, he is not married. He works too hard to serve the King. In time he will meet a beautiful and good woman to share his life with."

"Very interesting," smiled the King.

Puss heard about the King's plan to take a carriage ride. The royal carriage would pass by the young man's farm. Puss also learned that the King's daughter, the beautiful princess, would join the King on his ride.

Puss rushed home to his master's farm. The young man was busy with his chores. "Hurry!" he told the young man. "Go out by the road, take off your clothes, and jump into the river!"

Puss's master was shocked. "Why should I do such a silly thing for you?" he asked. "You still have done nothing for me!"

"This sounds like a silly thing to do," said Puss. "But it is all for you. You will see."

"You must think me a fool," said the young man.

"No, I certainly do not, and I regret what I am about to do," said Puss. "Believe me, I regret it deeply." Puss then gave his master a gentle push into the river just moments before the King's carriage arrived at the riverside.

"Please! Help!" Puss cried. "The Duke of Carabas is drowning!"

The King remembered the unusual cat in boots. He ordered his guards to

stop the carriage.

"My master has been robbed!" Puss told the King. "The thieves took everything and left him to drown!"

The King ordered his guards to pull the young man from the river. Dripping wet, and confused, the young man now faced the King. "What have you done to me?" he whispered to Puss. "I look like a fool!" Puss gave his master another small shove toward the King's carriage.

"At last I meet the great Duke of Carabas," said the King. "Your charming servant has told me so much about you." Puss bowed politely.

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