Puss in Boots

The farmer's son waved as the cat ran off into the woods.
The farmer's son waved as the cat ran off into the woods.
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Puss was a very clever cat. For a long time, he belonged to an old farmer.

But when the farmer died, Puss could not live on his own. He decided that

he would need a new master. Puss went to see the farmer's son.

"I was quite loyal to your father," Puss said, "and he was quite fond of me. If you would be my new master, I promise to serve you just as well."

The farmer's son was very busy with his chores. He did not have time for Puss. These were difficult times. He worked hard to feed himself. He did not think he could take care of Puss, too.

"I do not need another mouth to feed," said the young man. "If I am going to be your new master, you will have to work for me."

"I will work hard," Puss said smiling. "You have my word."

The farmer's son was doubtful. What good was the word of a cat? Still, he thought he would give his father's cat a chance. "What can you do for me?" the son asked.

"Just give me a sack and a pair of boots," Puss told the young man, "and you will see how useful I can be."

Although the farmer's son was poor and had very few things of his own, he found a cloth sack and an old pair of boots in the barn. "Here you go," said the young man. "Let's see what you can do with these."

Puss was happy to have a chance to prove himself to his new master. "A cat does not need much more than a good pair of boots and someone to give him a chance," he said. He slid into his new boots. They were sturdy and comfortable.

"What are your plans?" the young man asked.

"These will make it easy for me to hunt through the thick brush and mud in the forest," he said. Puss took the empty sack and ran into the woods. "This sack will not be empty for long," Puss called back to his new master. "I will take care of you. You will see."

Scratching his head, the farmer's son watched Puss run off into the woods. "Oh well," the young man said, "they are only an old pair of boots. What harm is there in giving a cat a chance?"

The farmer's son waved and continued with his work in the fields.

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