HowStuffWorks Explains The Product Recall Process

(Atlanta, GA February 19, 2008) - The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently recalled 143 million pounds of meat -- the largest food recall of its kind in the United States. With recalls affecting more and more of the products we use every day, many consumers are clamoring to understand exactly how this public safety process actually works.

HowStuffWorks (, the high-quality content platform famous for its easy-to-understand explanations, walks you through How a Product Recall Works (, with all the information you need to know about grasping this seemingly complicated concept.

HowStuffWorks has answers that all concerned consumers are looking for, including:

  • Who makes the decision that a product is so hazardous that it requires a nation-wide recall or alert?
  • Who actually issues a recall? Is it the brand or the government?
  • What happens if a product is substandard, but a company refuses to issue a recall for fear that their brand will be tarnished?
  • How does a consumer keep up with all of these product recalls that could be harmful or even fatal?

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