Prince Carrots

Prince Carrots Part II
Princess Pia thought Prince Carrots was a good listener.
Princess Pia thought Prince Carrots was a good listener.
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Below is the second part of "Prince Carrots."

"Why are you so unhappy?" he asked her.

"I wish I were smart," she said.

"But you are very beautiful," he said.

"Yes," she said. "I have heard that a thousand times."

Princess Pia told Prince Carrots a story. She had heard the story a thousand times. She only remembered things if she heard them a thousand times.

"My mother has a magician friend," the princess said. "When I was young, she told him she was worried about me. I was beautiful, but I was not very smart."

"You are very beautiful," the prince said.

"But not very smart," the princess said. "My mother wanted him to make me more intelligent. He told her he could not. He could not make me something that I was not. He told her I would be loved for my beauty."

"What happened after that?" the prince asked.

"Well, my mother was still worried," she said. "The magician told her he would give me a gift. He said I would be able to give my beauty to someone. I could give it to the person I loved the most."

The prince nodded again. Mercury had given him a similar gift.

Prince Carrots and Princess Pia were a lot alike.

The prince and princess spent the day together.

The prince and princess loved the way they felt around each other.
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Prince Carrots heard the story about Mercury the Magician many times. The princess could not remember that she had already told him.

But Prince Carrots did not mind.

The princess found the prince to be a good listener. But he was hard to look at. When she looked away, he did not seem to mind. He smiled a lot. She liked that.

The prince loved to look at the princess. He also loved the way he felt around her. She did not ask a lot of questions. She did not expect him to tell jokes. He did not feel ugly when he was with her.

The princess loved the way she felt around the prince. And the prince felt the same way.

"You are very dear to me," the prince said.

"You are very dear to me, too," the princess said.

When they were apart, Prince Carrots missed Princess Pia. He could not wait to see her.

Princess Pia could not wait to see the prince. She always hurried to be with him.

"She is lovely even when her hair is tangled," the prince thought.

"He is smart to repeat things so I will remember," the princess thought.

Prince Carrots asked Princess Pia to marry him.
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"Will you marry me?" the prince asked one day. He could not help himself. Princess Pia was so beautiful.

"Yes!" the princess said. She could not help herself. Prince Carrots was so smart.

Everyone was shocked when they heard the news. No one could believe it but Mercury the Magician. He knew that we become most what we want to be when we are in love. We are loved for what we truly are.

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