Pinocchio Part VI
Pinocchio helps Geppetto get to the shore.
Pinocchio helps Geppetto get to the shore.
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Below is the sixth part of "Pinocchio."

"Hello? Is someone there?" says a quiet voice. Pinocchio stares into the darkness. Something about the voice sounds familiar and makes him feel less afraid. A match flares, and Pinocchio sees Geppetto.

"Oh, Father, I have found you!" he says. The two embrace just as the whale's stomach shakes violently and then stops.

"Hold on, Pinocchio," says Geppetto. "The whale has the hiccups."

Once again the whale's stomach shakes and stops. Pinocchio holds his father's hand tightly. Suddenly, the stomach shakes more violently than before, and Pinocchio and Geppetto are thrown from the stomach, up the whale's throat, and out into the water. Splash! The lazy whale smacks his lips and disappears under the water.

"Help! I cannot swim!" gasps Geppetto.

"I will save you, Father," says Pinocchio, as he grabs Geppetto's arm. Towing his father behind him, Pinocchio makes the long swim back to shore. When they reach the beach, Pinocchio collapses onto the sand.

Overhead, Pinocchio hears a familiar whistle. He looks up to see the bluebird. "Brave Pinocchio," it sings, "in return for saving your father, all your misdeeds are forgiven. Be good in the future, and you will be happy."

"Oh, I will never be mischievous again. I just want to live happily with my father," Pinocchio tells the bluebird.

At once Pinocchio feels different. He looks down at his hands and sees that they are no longer made of wood. He has human hands! He looks at his feet and wiggles his toes. They are real, too! He touches his face and feels his warm skin beneath his fingers. Pinocchio is a real boy!

Pinocchio has turned into a real boy.
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"Thank you!" he calls to the bluebird. The bluebird twitters cheerfully and soars into the air. Pinocchio turns to Geppetto and excitedly says,

"Look at me, Father! I am no longer a wooden puppet. I am a real, live boy!"

Geppetto cannot believe his eyes. The sight of his real, human son brings tears to his eyes. Geppetto smiles lovingly at his son. Pinocchio runs to Geppetto. He wraps his arms around his father in his first real hug.

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