Pinocchio Part V
In Playland, Pinocchio plays all day long for an entire year.
In Playland, Pinocchio plays all day long for an entire year.
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Below is the fifth part of "Pinocchio."

Playland is everything the man promised. Boys run through the streets minding no one but themselves. Pinocchio stays for a whole year. He plays every day from dawn to dusk, tossing balls, riding a bicycle, or simply walking on his hands.

One year from the day he first arrived in Playland, Pinocchio wakes up with a craving for oats and hay. Puzzled, he reaches to scratch his head and feels something furry. Glancing in the mirror, he sees donkey ears! Pinocchio cries for help, but all that comes out of his mouth is a mournful, "Hee-haw!"

Pinocchio looks in the mirror and sees he has donkey ears!
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Pinocchio pulls a woolen hat over his ears and runs in a trotty kind of way to the beach at the edge of Playland. When he arrives, he has a swishy tail and hooves for feet. "I don't want to be a donkey. Hee-haw," cries Pinocchio. He falls onto the sand and cries loudly.

A sweet whistle reaches Pinocchio's ears. He looks up and sees the fairy. "Oh, dear fairy," cries Pinocchio, "I have been such a bad and ­foolish boy. I didn't listen to my father. I didn't go to school. And now I am turning into a donkey. I want to be a good boy and go home to my father."

"Yes, you have been very bad, but I see that you are sorry," says the fairy. "I will take away your ears and tail and hooves, but I cannot take you home. Your father is not there. He has been searching for you for a whole year. His boat disappeared at sea."

"Oh, I must find him!" says Pinocchio. "I will search the sea until I do." The brave ­puppet runs into the surf and begins to swim. For several days he paddles across the blue water, searching for his missing father.

One evening a large shape appears on the horizon. "Maybe it's a boat carrying Father," says Pinocchio.

But as the shape drifts closer, Pinocchio sees that it is a giant sleeping whale. With a lazy yawn, the whale swallows almost a lake's worth of water, including Pinocchio! The scared puppet floats down into the whale's stomach. He cannot even see the end of his nose in the inky blackness. Pinocchio shivers with fear.

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