Pinocchio Part II
Pinocchio draws the attention of the puppets onstage.
Pinocchio draws the attention of the puppets onstage.
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Below is the second part of "Pinocchio."

An out-of-breath Geppetto appears and takes the naughty puppet home.

"If you promise to be good, Pinocchio," says Geppetto, "I'll make you a suit of clothes like a real boy."

Pinocchio's eyes become wide, and he nods his head up and down

in excitement. Geppetto cannot afford fine fabric. He makes Pinocchio a suit out of colored paper, a pair of shoes from tree bark, and a pointed hat out of woven reeds.

Pinocchio models the suit in front of a mirror. "Oh, thank you, Father. I promise to be good. I will even go to school."

Geppetto goes to his workbench and pulls a shiny coin from beneath a pile of rusty nails. "I have saved this coin for a long time," he says with a smile. "Take it, Pinocchio. Go to the store and buy a book for school."

Pinocchio sets off for the store immediately. He skips along imagining all the things he will learn at school. As he walks, he hears silly music playing dee-dee-deedle-dee, zum-de-dum-dum-dum. Curious, Pinocchio steps off the road and walks toward the music. Soon he sees a bright red tent with green flags.

"Puppet show today! Admission is only one coin!" shouts a man in a top hat. Pinocchio forgets his promise to Geppetto and runs to the tent and gives the man his coin. Pinocchio takes a seat as the lights dim, and the audience prepares for the show.

Bang! A spotlight hits the stage, and ten puppets drop from the ceiling and begin to dance. Pinocchio claps his hands with delight. The clacking sound of his wooden hands attracts the attention of all the performers.

"Look! There's a puppet in the audience!" they shout. "Come join us on stage!" Eager to make friends, Pinocchio leaps over the seat in front of him, hops off the orchestra leader's head, and lands on the stage. The other puppets embrace him as if meeting a long-lost friend.

Seeing the show stop, the man with the top hat grabs Pinocchio by the arm. "You troublemaker. You disrupted my show. I'll teach you a lesson! I'm going to use you for firewood!"

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