Pecos Bill

Pecos Bill Part II
Pecos Bill made a rattling, hissing lasso out of snakes to stop the stampeding cattle.
Pecos Bill made a rattling, hissing lasso out of snakes to stop the stampeding cattle.
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Below is the second part of "Pecos Bill."

Taming that ornery cuss Widow-Maker was not the only adventure that Pecos Bill had. You know how cowboys use a looped rope called a lasso?

One day, when Pecos Bill was out tending his herd of cattle, the cows started to stampede. The herd was getting away, and Bill realized that he had forgotten his lasso at home. Thinking quickly, Pecos Bill caught a few rattlesnakes, tied them together, and with this rattling, hissing lasso, Pecos Bill roped that whole herd of cattle just like that!

Another time when Pecos Bill was out tending to his cattle, he heard a roar come from the tumbleweed. Bill turned around to see a snarling mountain lion ready to sink its sharp fangs and claws into one of the cows.

Bill wasn't about to let some mangy old kitty cat run off with one of his prized heifers, so he took out his lasso and roped that mountain lion just like he would a pony. Then he climbed on the angry cat's back and began to whoop and holler.

"Whoopee! How do you like this, you dad-gum pussy cat?" Pecos Bill laughed. "You won't be eating any of my cows now, will you? Yeehaw!"

Pecos Bill could even tame mountain lions.
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Yes, Pecos Bill had many, many adventures in the Wild West. And yes, he was just about the rootin-est, tootin-est cowpoke to ever climb into the saddle. There wasn't a horse he couldn't ride. There wasn't a challenge that could stop him.

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