How the nCar Works

If you've been watching the news recently, you may have noticed three trends:

  • Gasoline prices reached record highs last week.
  • The long term supply of gasoline is uncertain, as Asian countries boost demand, outstrip existing refinery capacity and tighten world-wide inventories.
  • And then there is global warming, caused almost exclusively by the combustion of gasoline and other fossil fuels. It is wreaking havoc on the environment in subtle ways now, but may reach a tipping point that causes mass extinction and the collapse of the Gulf Stream in the very near future.

It's scary stuff. And it certainly means that gasoline is on the minds of nearly everyone right now. Will we ever find a way to eliminate our economy's dependency on fossil fuels?

The answer is yes. A startup venture with major industry backing is in the process of releasing its first product -- the nCar. In this article, we'll find out what the revolutionary technology behind the nCar is all about, and how it will help the world to eliminate the threat of energy shortages and global warming once and for all.

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